New Moon Intention Circles

Goddess Spiral New Moon Intention Circle

New Moon Intention Circles are free, 30 minute, virtual and sacred circles facilitated by me on every New Moon. You can connect via your computer or phone from anywhere in the world!

Gift yourself with 30 minutes to plant the seeds of your intentions. Intentions may be things, relationships, ideas, circumstances or opportunities you are looking to foster in your life. You may also set an intention to let something go which no longer serves you.

After planting the seeds of your intentions in our New Moon Intention Circle, we also come together in the Full Moon to be grateful for what has come to fruition. Please know that you do not have participate in the New Moon Intention Circles to share in the Full Moon Gratitude Circles or vice versa. You can always join in energetically for circles that you miss!

As a virtual circle, I will be the only one speaking but you can participate by sharing your intention! Intentions are read by me during circle with your name or anonymously. When you register you will have a chance to submit your intention. Circles are not recorded. The sacred trust of circle is honored by keeping all intentions confidential.

Experience the beauty of following the lunar cycle and acknowledging the power of manifesting the life you love!

Upcoming Circles

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Frequently Asked Questions:

*What’s circle like?

Though I cannot explain how you will experience circle emotionally and spiritually, I’m happy to share an outline of it. Here it is:

-Overview of circle

-Root Energy Visualization- (first half only)
-Welcoming of Directions & Elements

-Welcoming of Ancestors/Goddesses/Guardians

-Circle is cast

-Paola reads aloud the intentions sent (first name & intention or anonymous if requested)

-Space for gratitude

-Farewell Ancestors/Goddesses/Guardians

-Farewell Directions and Elements

-Root Energy Visualization (complete)

-Circle is open

*When will I get a chance to talk?

You will be listening in only either via phone or your computer- only I will be speaking. Though I encourage you to follow along at home as I call in the circle. I also encourage you to hold your sisters’ intentions and your own when they are being read aloud. It can be very powerful to hear your intention going out into the Universe knowing others are adding their love behind it. You may even hear part of yourself in another’s intention!

*Is the circle really free?

Yes, I am not charging sisters to attend this virtual sacred circle. Though if you are calling in to participate, please be aware that the phone number is not toll free. Depending on your phone plan, long distance charges may apply.

*What are the phrases you say to open and close the circle?

These are the phrases we repeat three times to open and close our circle:
Open- “We have cast this circle with love and light. Only that which benefits us may enter.”
Close- “Our circle is open but never broken. We let go with love and light.”