Love and courage at Where Womyn Gather

Goddess Pele Paola Suarez

Fire– the element we celebrated this year at Where Womyn Gather! In my June 13th Full Moon Share I wrote about how this year’s fire energy allowed me to work on my relationship to anger. Yet the fire energy manifested for me in other ways as well– through love and courage.

I loved the fiery hugs I received from sisters dressed in reds, yellows, oranges and golds! Love for my sisters at festival– many of whom I only see in person at this time.  Love for the sacred space created on that beautiful land as I prayed in the sweat lodge. Love for new found friends as I met sisters for the first time who I had previously only known virtually. So much love for my Goddess Sister tribe!

So much love. Love and courage– freely given and received for 4 magical days.

I found the courage to speak up for myself and make my needs known! Courage witnessed in sisters sharing their stories– in the Red Tent Temple, the Sweat Lodge, or while I painted their bodies. Courage to facilitate my Connect to Your Inner Fire workshop. Courage to hold sacred space for sisters who journaled, cried, shared and connected to powerful parts of themselves. Goddess sisters who gifted me the courage to continue on my calling, knowing I am making a difference!

Gratitude– something we celebrate every year at Where Womyn Gather! Gratitude for the opportunities to experience love and courage in the sacred sister space. Gratitude for continued opportunities to offer my Connect to Your Inner Fire workshop. Gratitude for fire– fire that feeds the love in my heart. Gratitude for fire– fire in my belly lighting my path.

Our circle is open but never broken sisters. I let go with love and light. Blessings to you my Goddess sister tribe! ❤


As an extra share, here are some images from this year’s festival! :)

Fire Cat Sculpture Paola Suarez

Where Womyn Gather 2014 altar Paola Suarez Goddess Spiral

Where Womyn Gather 2014 Paola Suarez Goddess Spiral


(originally published on my SageWoman blog- New Moon Share)

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5 thoughts on “Love and courage at Where Womyn Gather

  1. Paola, I was so excited and honored to finally meet you. We look fiery and fabulous in our picture together! Thank you so much for introducing me to this festival. It was truly life-changing, and I can’t wait to return next year!!


  2. OMGoddess so much passionate beauty! It’s amazing that when Goddesses encircle each other with bonds of sisterhood, it links fiery womyn everywhere! Blessed be, Aradia )O(


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