Sacred Path of the Bee & Goddess

Bee within me Goddess Spiral Paola Suarez


What is the connection between bees and the Goddess? How were Priestesses part of ancient healing bee magic? Watch and listen to Debra Roberts and Layne Redmond share their wisdom in the free 2 hour video above.

Take your time with the video sisters. There’s a lot of amazing contemporary photos shared by Debra and the current bee lover community in the world. If you want to get to Layne’s historical Goddess sharing, you can skip to the 45 minute point. That said, the whole video is a gift and I recommend carving out the time to watch it all. I’ve already favorited it on my Goddess Spiral Youtube channel and know I will be watching it many times!

This video was going to be part of a six class intensive but then dearest Layne died last October. However, Debra is now in the process of finishing the work. You can find out more about Debra and the development of “The Sacred Path of Bee” at her website Holy Bee Press.

If you want to ease into bees and the Divine Feminine/Goddess, I recommend reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It’s advertised as a coming of age story but it’s so much more. It’s a coming into your inner-Divine, inner-Goddess. There is so much ritual, women’s circling together, pain and sweet love in the book.

After I posted this, a fellow Priestess shared this amazing piece of Goddess Bee art by Lea Bradovich:

lea bradovich_daughter_of_the_hive

Wow! This piece is called “Daughter of the Hive”. Does she resonate with you as she does with me? I want to have her framed picture in an alcove and light votive candles to her every night. wow.

My Priestess sister also shared that Layne Redmond created a whole album featuring her drumming, other singers and the bees humming. I’m excited to listen to it fully myself and already added it to my wishlist. You can find it on Amazon under Hymns from the Hive by Layne Redmond.

The last gem that my Priestess sister found for me that I had to add to this post was the hour and a half recording by Karen Tate of Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio: Bee Priestesses. She connects the beehive to patriarchy, matriarchy, higher consciousness and other interesting connections.

Well that’s it for now sisters. I would love to hear from you! What are your connections to bees? Have you felt their connection to Goddess/Divine Feminine?


Blessed be and Blessed bees!
♥ Paola

Art is “Bee within me” by Paola Suarez

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One thought on “Sacred Path of the Bee & Goddess

  1. Wow! I love this piece! yes, I too have felt a strong connection Divine Feminine symbolism of bees, especially from the Artemis of Ephesus ( bees appear on her legs and at her waist). I love that the the priestesses of historical descendents of the ancient Bee Goddess — Demeter, Rhea, Cyble — were called Melissae, the ancient Latin word for bees. And I love how these ancient priestesses of the moon Goddess were called bees because they believed that all honey came from the moon, the hive whose bees were the stars. Blessed be and Blessed bees! Love it!


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