Goddess Pele Paola Suarez


In the Hawaiian religion, Pele … is the goddess of volcanoes. She is a popular figure in many stories of ancient Hawaii …Ka wahine ʻai honua (“the earth-eating woman”) is an epithet for the goddess.
–from Pele, Volcano Goddess of Hawai’i: A History

Pele is a Hawaiian Volcano Goddess. Her name Pele is also Hawaiian for lava flow, volcano and eruption. She is a Goddess of destruction and creation. The Hawaiian islands in their lush beauty would not exist if it were not for their volcanoes. This is a land that is still being creating every day with its lava flows. Pele is that energy– constantly destroying that which is in her way so she may create new land and life. She is volatile in her emotions, lustful and dances to her own tune.

Read more about Pele via my June 13th Full Moon Share or purchase my version of Her on cards or prints.

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