Blessed Ostara

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♥Blessed Ostara sisters! For those of you celebrating the tentative signs of Spring today, I want to share the Ostara ritual I created and will be celebrating with my partner tonight. ♥

Materials needed: Your Spring altar, plant pot, soil, seeds, water, ashes from Imbolc ritual, Eggs to decorate (we are using polymer clay eggs I’ve created already- you can also use actual hard boiled eggs or papier mache ones), acrylic paints.

*Cleanse the space of the ritual (I use burn Colombian palo santo as it’s part of my heritage).
*Ground your energies (We usually take 3 deep breaths together holding each other or with hands to our hearts)
*Welcome the Directions and Elements ( see my Imbolc ritual for a simple welcome I use)
*Welcome any Ancestors/Goddesses/Guardians
*Cast the circle -“We cast this circle with Love and Light. Only that which benefits us may enter.”
*Light a votive candle and read the Ostara intention: “Imbolc was the time for celebrating Spring in the belly of Mother Earth. We honored the gestation of intentions and prepared for the birth of Spring. Mother Earth is now slowly giving birth, with flowers slowly emerging from Mother Earth with their green shoots and buds on trees appearing. Let the ashes of our Imbolc intentions nourish the soil of our Ostara plantings.” (If you did not burn Imbolc intentions, then you can write them out and burn before this ritual.)
*Play some music (I recommend Lisa Thiel’s song Ostara) as you mix the ashes with the soil, plant your seeds and water them for the first time. Place the pot on your altar for now as you finish the ritual.
*”Now that we have planted our Ostara seeds, we decorate our Ostara eggs as symbols of our hopes and dreams for Spring.”
*Decorate the eggs while you play ritual music (We use my Goddess playlist on Youtube) and put the eggs to dry on your Spring altar.
*”We allow the votive candle to stay lit as we honor the daylight equaling the darkness of the night today. Blessed Ostara!”
*Farewell to Ancestors/Goddesses/Guardians
*Farewell to Directions and Elements ( see my Imbolc ritual for a simple farewell I use)
*Close the circle-“Our circle is open but never broken. We let go with love and light.”
*Ground your energies (We usually take 3 deep breaths together holding each other or with hands to our hearts)

If you have a different Ostara ritual you are doing, I would love to hear about it. I will be sharing pictures of our Spring altar tomorrow, I look forward to seeing yours as well!



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4 thoughts on “Blessed Ostara

  1. ‘Spring is coming to the land,
    The days grow longer,
    Warm breezes begin to stir.
    All around us we see signs –
    The growing things are beginning anew.’
    (by Aurora.)

    May your spring equinox celebrations bring you joy and reward.



  2. The Goddess Ostara is celebrated now! What an exciting time! For me it’s a time for planting new ideas as I seek harmony and balance in the incredible energy of this season. Today I tune into nature and reflect on what I want to create for myself now. Ostara blessings to all!


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