Full Moon Gratitude Circles



I’m excited to share my newest offering: Full Moon Gratitude Circles! After getting so much positive feedback from women who’ve been in my New Moon Intention Circles, I’ve been dreaming of what would compliment it. I had already started including a space for gratitude in my New Moon Intention circles with a brief moment of silence for sisters to meditate. Yet that didn’t feel like enough!

I wanted sisters who were sowing the seeds of their intentions to have a chance share what has come to fruition. I also wanted sisters to be able to focus on the blessings they did have and open up the space for more abundance. With these thoughts in mind, I created the Full Moon Gratitude Circles because I believe that…

..the act of gratitude focuses us on the abundance in our lives—welcoming even more abundance in! Gratitude is a practice that can benefit you at all levels- physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Will you join us experiencing the beauty of following the lunar cycle and acknowledging the power of manifesting the life you love? ♥

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4 thoughts on “Full Moon Gratitude Circles

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