A Circle of Women

Circle of Women

Thinking of this image by Jeanette Leblanc as I start planning on how to spread the word about my Goddess Circle Coaching program starting in February. I’ve personally participated in sister circles who have held me and my other sisters in our transformation. I’ve seen how witnessing each other encouraged our own growth. I would see parts of myself in sisters I circled with.  In one program I circled with a woman who was a teacher for a self defense program. Thanks to her I enrolled in the self defense course and healed my memories of sexual assault. Synchronicity- what are the chances that I’m in a group of women so uniquely tailored to reflect what I need?

I have also experienced all of this as a facilitator. Being amazed that the perfect type of women show up to each workshop to reflect and support each other in the work being done. Being humbled by women allowing themselves to be vulnerable and loved by sisters who are only temporarily strangers to you. As a facilitator it excites me to witness the synchronicity in action. How will these women connect in the framework you have created?

So I leave you with these thoughts sisters and ask…

♥ How have you experienced a circle of women? ♥ How will you experience the next circle of women you are blessed with? ♥

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